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At Impact Training, we give our commitment to immersing all trainees into the ‘world of work’ throughout their journey on our programme. It is important for all of our young people to focus on their development within vocational areas to potentially seek employment in sectors that are best aligned to their skills and attributes.

We also understand that many potential trainees may not experienced real working environments before, this may seem daunting and challenging, however, we have a dedicated Employment Engagement Team alongside our excellent vocational tutors, who support and guide you through your journey towards gaining the right experience your require for progression.

Within the Skills for Life & Work programme, you will be required to balance practical experiential learning on a vocational site, as well as conjoining this to classroom based knowledge and skills development.


We aim to help you achieve this in a number of ways including:

Work Experience

Entering the ‘world of work’ can be difficult for the first time, or if you have had a negative experience, however, in order to develop the skills required to sustain employment, our aim is to support trainees to sample real life working environments in short stints, to acclimatise them to the practicalities of the working world.

From a range of onsite day visits, to week long work experience schemes, we aim to have all participants within the programme experience the working world and understand the importance of managing routine, time management, positive communication, teamwork amongst many others, to prepare them effectively for longer term work placement.

Work Placement

We encourage all participants to be actively seeking their own work placement within their vocational field, for example, in Engineering, you may source a fabrication workshop to support the development of your skills for 2-3 days per week, in Childcare, and you may find a nursery to support your development 2-3 days per week. Our Vocational Engagement Team have contacts with local and citywide employers to help source and support your development within your vocational field.

Work Placement within your chosen vocational field, significantly enhances your progression towards Apprenticeship, Employment and Further & Higher Education and we actively promote and encourage all participants to work towards the goal of achieving a suitable and sustainable work placement partnership.

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