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Skills for Life and Work is a flagship programme for school leavers.  It is a gateway programme for young people who want to develop their skills and get ready for work.   Skills for Life and Work will help you build the confidence and skills you need to find work. You’ll be able to gain recognised qualifications and get real experience through work placement which is an essential part of the programme. 


Training will start at 2 days per week as you settle onto the programme, and will rise to 24-30 hours per week as you move into work placement.  During your training days you will gain the knowledge, skills and competencies relating to your chosen vocational pathway.  In your work placement you will put these skills into practice.  You will also have opportunities to development you math, English and ICT up to Level 2 through our Essential Skills programme whilst. 


This may be the perfect programme for you. 


  • Skills for Life and Work is open to all applicants aged 16-17 years of age and this range can increase to 22 years of age if you have a disability.  If you have an in-care background this can rise again to 24 yrs of age.

  • Impact Training can be accessed at any point, like most educational settings our main intakes for the educational year is September of each year, however, we always attempt to facilitate applicants at any stage of the year should they wish to avail of our services and we can meet the individual’s needs. 


    On Skills for Life & Work you are entitled to a total of 104 weeks which can rise to 156 weeks for participants with specific barriers to participation. 

  • At Impact Training, we are committed to every participant within our ‘Skills for Life & Work’ having a positive destination on completion.

    Our aims are for all participants to move to one the following:

    Apprenticeship- the Apprenticeship 21 contract

    Career- Move to sustainable work

    Education- Move to Further and Higher Education Opportunities.

  • We continue to offer a Hybrid delivery model; however, our primary preference is the face to face delivery model.

    Some vocational sectors have a significant practical element and cannot be delivered remotely.

    We have modern, equipped and safe working space for all of our vocational areas, as well as significant expertise and tutors in the vocational areas, we offer an inclusive and positive learning & Working environment.

  • Class sizes vary within each vocational area and dependant on demand, however, we have a unique person centred approach to all of the work we do, and want to ensure that the learning and development experience for all apprentices enhances and advances their job sustainability and ability to gain further exposure in their vocational fields.

  • On Skills for Life & Work you are entitled to a total of 104 weeks which can rise to 156 weeks for participants with specific barriers to participation. 

  • Skills for Life and Work is open to all applicants aged 16-17 years of age and this range can increase to 22 years of age if you have a disability.  If you have an in-care background this can rise again to 24 years of age. 


    There are no qualification requirements in order to enter the programme and you can discuss entitlement with us or with your local Careers Office. 

  • Receive a £40 per week Educational Maintenance Allowance (based on attendance).  Please note that if your parent(s)/guardian(s) receive Universal Credit, Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), Income Support, means tested Job Seeker’s Allowance or Housing Benefit, that benefit will not be affected by the EMA.  Your parent(s)/guardian(s) will also be entitled to receive Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit provided all other conditions for the receipt of the benefits are met. 


    Receive bonus payments as you complete various stages of your training which will total up to £360 across the programme.  
    Receive help with travel expenses and childcare costs, depending on your circumstances; 

     Have up to 37 paid days for holidays per year.

  • Impact Training are Community focused training provider, who are intrinsically invested in ensuring all of programme participants receive the best possible tutelage and experiences through interactions with our highly skilled and experienced staffing team, we will always push our programme participants to both achieve vocationally linked qualifications but also grow and flourish as an individual and highlight your skills and abilities to actively become the next generation of the workforce in Northern Ireland.


    We always aim to put the people at the centre of everything we do, and we strive to continuously improve our services, enhance our offer and grow as we see our participants grow alongside us. We just don’t see Impact as a training programme, is an extension of your family, we care, we motivate and encourage all participants to move beyond what they think they can possibly achieve. For More about Impact training Click Here (Direct to about us page) 

  • Our Essential Skills offer is extensive at Impact Training, we offer Literacy, Numeracy and Information Technology up to including Level 2.


    Dependant on the course requirements all participants will be assessed for suitability of level of essential skills and we actively promote progression within the Essential Skills delivery model at Impact Training, our team of highly skilled tutors will always endeavour to support, challenge and develop a range of skills and attributes that will enhance the level of achievement of every participant, for more information on Essential Skills at Impact training Click Here (Direct to Resources page)   

  • Qualifications and work experience are essential components in our provision but there is much more to being a student at Impact Training.  We are committed to raising aspirations in young people and trying to bring the best out of them.  This will include introducing them to experiences outside of the curriculum and equipping them with the skills and values that will help to shape their future. 


    Through EVOLVE you will engage in a wide range of World of Work events that will introduce you to greater opportunities in your industry/sector.  It will also allow you to support your community, expand citizenship, develop your physical and mental health, apply your essential skills to real activities, gain new skills, gain additional qualifications to improve wider career prospects and improve your personal development.  All of this will be through events and activities arranged by our staff.  All you have to do is enrol on the events and get involved. 


    Broadbase offers short courses in 3 subjects and the chance to specialise in the one that best suits your ambitions.  Our Foundation Programme allows you to gain qualifications in year 1 and progress to higher qualifications in year 2.  We also offer a wide range of enhancements to complement your experiences and to improve your chances of securing employment at the end of the programme.  These include but are not limited to: CSR Cards, First Aid Courses, Food Hygiene, Customer Service Courses, Abrasive Wheels, Photography, Coding, VR Courses, Sign Language, additional Barbering & Hairdressing courses etc.  Through the Employment Academy we can focus your final term on securing employment and Apprenticeship positions so you can move to the next stage of your career. 


    At Impact Training there is no ceiling on what you can achieve and if you take ownership of your learning you can achieve much more than you thought possible. 

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