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    There are 2 different programmes that we offer: 

    On Skills for Life & Work you are entitled to a total of 104 wks which can rise to 156 wks for participants with specific barriers to participation. 

    On Apprenticeship you will get up to 130 wks for Level 2 and 130 wks for Level 3.  If you enrol for both you will get up to 260 wks.  If you demonstrate sufficient commitment to the training and have access to good work experiences, then you can complete them much quicker. 

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    For More information on Apprenticeship (Click here

    At Impact Training we always aim to maximise your achievements and invest heavily in additional qualification frameworks for all participants, we aim for an average of 10-11 qualifications per person on completion of Skills for Life and Work programmes, Apprenticeship programmes vary dependant on the level of essential skills supports required.  

  • Not only is there no cost, but Impact Training will also enable you to access a weekly EMA of £40 for all participants (rising to £50 per week when in work placement), with quarterly bonuses for participation and payments for approved expenses.


    *Note: Though Impact Training will pay for travel expenses, the trainee is required to pay the first £3 per week towards their travel costs and we will pay the remainder.

    Skills for Life and Work is a training programme for eligible young people who want to develop their skills and get ready for work. It is funded by the Department for the Economy and there is NO COST* to the participants on the programme. All of the expenses will be paid by Impact Training to ensure that you have access to industry standard training and wider services to give you the opportunity to succeed.

  • We have a specialist Vocational Enrichment Team, who actively work with employers and programme participants to source suitable and sustainable work based placements. 

    The Team have an extensive range of employer connections and are always striving to source and supply opportunities for our programme participants. 

    Within all of programmes, we encourage immersive learning, meaning that all programme participants should be actively involved in applying their vocational skills developed through their training at Impact training into a live working Environment. 

  • Any participant with additional learning needs, will be assigned 1:1 specialist support should they wish to avail of this, in relation to both the social interactions and the technical and practical elements of their vocational training. 

    Our focus is on delivering a person centred programme, each participant will have an individual training plan and also be assigned a singular contact point throughout their time with Impact Training, with all available supports within the programme available and any external supports required explored. 

  • Skills for Life & Work: our Foundation programme in year 1 allows the participant to have a range of options and complete a range of Level 1 Qualification, our progression programme in Year 2, encourage participants to select an area of specialism to move to a Level 2 Qualification, with 3 different outcomes as a result:  

    • Apprenticeship 

    • Employment 

    • Further & Higher Education 

    Our aims and objectives are to ensure that no participant leaves Impact Training without a positive outcome. 

    There are a number of ways in which you can progress once you have accessed the programmes through Impact Training: 

  • All of course are delivered ace to face at our facilities on Lanark Way in Belfast. We offer a range of services dependant on need and have the ability to work in a hybrid style, should the situation arise, however, our preference is always deliver an in person direct service. 

  • Travel costs and other additional expenses  can also be claimed where conditionality is met.


    If you are an Apprentice you will receive a wage from your employer in line with NMW guidance. You will not receive payment from the training provider.

    There are payments associated with programme participation, payments are NOT dependent on household income levels (Non-Means Tested), EMA (Educational Maintenance Allowance) recipients will receive £40 per week without work placement, £50 per week in work placement. 

  • Impact Training can be accessed at any point, like most educational settings our main intakes for the educational year is September of each year, however, we always attempt to facilitate applicants at any stage of the year should they wish to avail of our services and we can meet the individual’s needs. 

  • Our specialist Essential skills department has a vast array of experience and year on year produce fantastic results and outcomes for their learners. 

    For More information on Essential Skills, Please Click Here

    Essential skills are an integral element of our service, and we endeavour to ensure all programme participants have access and attain the highest possible levels of achievement within the Numeracy, Literacy and Information Technology elements. 

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