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Painting and decorating is a finishing trade that brings a space to life and creates that lasting impression. With a recognised trade under your belt your skills are valued and you can get involved in commercial, industrial and residential projects across the world.

The construction industry has many different trades and occupations. Some trades so the building work and installation but through painting and decorating you finish the project to a high specification so that you make it look good.


Painters can undertake domestic work in homes all over the country but they can also undertake projects of a larger scale in commercial businesses and industrial properties. All projects need the expertise of finishing trades.


Like all trades, Painting and Decorating is physically demanding but less so that some of the more manual trades like bricklaying and joinery. It is a trade that requires attention to detail and the ability to complete a painting task that has crisp edges, a uniform coating and well adhered layers. That eye for detail will ensure that the project is completed to the required standard and is aesthetically pleasing.


Skills will include preparation work, brushing, rolling and papering as well as maintaining a clean and tidy workspace.


If you take pride in your work and feel that you can handle the demands of an ever changing and challenging industry then the rewards from this sector are fantastic.


  • Painting and decorating is definitely a career best suited to those who enjoy working in different work settings with their hands and with a range of tools and equipment. As a finishing trade, attention to detail is essential as close enough is not good enough. Many people enjoy the career as you're able to see the full journey of starting a job through to completion, with the results proudly on display once you've finished.


    If you are thinking of becoming a fully trained painter and decorator, there is a highly rewarding career opportunity ahead that offers practical skills mixed with creativity, not found in other jobs. It is a trade that will give you a lot of independence and for many self-employment will allow them to determine their own working hours. It provides great work/life balance, longevity, variety and a salary envied by many occupations.


    The average painter and decorator salary in the United Kingdom is £29,000 per year or £15.00 per hour. Entry level positions start at £25,225 per year while most experienced workers make in excess of £35,100 per year. But why be average! The opportunities are there to exceed these levels and define your own earning potential.

  • Painting & decorating is a construction trade and therefore you may work alongside other occupations including joiners, plasters, electricians, plumber etc. In the majority of situations you will come into the job after these trades have completed their work and use decorative finishes to may their work look like the finished product.


    You may work on large construction sites, existing commercial and industrial settings as well as residential and domestic premises. Be sure that much of the work will be at height and you will need to become confident and competent in the use of a wide range of access employment.


    Self employment is popular in the industry and through this you may sub contract from another employer or find your own work and be responsible for managing the payments in each individual projects.


    The industry is exciting and dynamic. You may change your workplace day to day or week to week and will constantly meet new people. It is a great career opportunity.

  • Obviously, you will need to be competent in the occupational skills required from a painting and decorator but there are a wide range of transferrable skills that you will need in order to be successful. Some of these skills include:

    • Effective communication skills with clients, suppliers and other trades;

    • Good time management skills to demonstrate your reliability and this will elevate your reputation and ensure you will have continuous business;

    • An eye for detail that demonstrates a high quality of workmanship;

    • Trustworthiness and respect so that you can safely enter client’s homes and private property;

    • Financial management skills so that you can reliably price work and be competitive in the industry;

    • Ability to drive and access to available will provide you with many more opportunities to work and this is essential if you are self employed.

  • Impact Training are Community focused training provider, who are intrinsically invested in ensuring all of programme participants receive the best possible tutelage and experiences through interactions with our highly skilled and experienced staffing team, we will always push our programme participants to both achieve vocationally linked qualifications but also grow and flourish as an individual and highlight your skills and abilities to actively become the next generation of the workforce in Northern Ireland.


    We always aim to put the people at the centre of everything we do, and we strive to continuously improve our services, enhance our offer and grow as we see our participants grow alongside us. We just don’t see Impact as a training programme, is an extension of your family, we care, we motivate and encourage all participants to move beyond what they think they can possibly achieve. For More about Impact Training Click Here 

  • Our Essential Skills offer is extensive at Impact Training, we offer Literacy, Numeracy and Information Technology up to including Level 2.


    Dependant on the course requirements all participants will be assessed for suitability of level of essential skills and we actively promote progression within the Essential Skills delivery model at Impact Training, our team of highly skilled tutors will always endeavour to support, challenge and develop a range of skills and attributes that will enhance the level of achievement of every participant, for more information on Essential Skills at Impact Training Click Here

  • Qualifications and work experience are essential components in our provision but there is much more to being a student at Impact Training.  We are committed to raising aspirations in young people and trying to bring the best out of them.  This will include introducing them to experiences outside of the curriculum and equipping them with the skills and values that will help to shape their future. 


    Through EVOLVE you will engage in a wide range of World of Work events that will introduce you to greater opportunities in your industry/sector.  It will also allow you to support your community, expand citizenship, develop your physical and mental health, apply your essential skills to real activities, gain new skills, gain additional qualifications to improve wider career prospects and improve your personal development.  All of this will be through events and activities arranged by our staff.  All you have to do is enrol on the events and get involved. 


    Broadbase offers short courses in 3 subjects and the chance to specialise in the one that best suits your ambitions.  Our Foundation Programme allows you to gain qualifications in year 1 and progress to higher qualifications in year 2.  We also offer a wide range of enhancements to complement your experiences and to improve your chances of securing employment at the end of the programme.  These include but are not limited to: CSR Cards, First Aid Courses, Food Hygiene, Customer Service Courses, Abrasive Wheels, Photography, Coding, VR Courses, Sign Language, additional Barbering & Hairdressing courses etc.  Through the Employment Academy we can focus your final term on securing employment and Apprenticeship positions so you can move to the next stage of your career. 


    At Impact Training there is no ceiling on what you can achieve and if you take ownership of your learning you can achieve much more than you thought possible. 

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